Can't see the Trees for the Forest

When Britain's native trees are chopped down they are usually replaced but often it's  with non-native faster growing species.  Our trees are beautiful and natures pattern is being wiped out and redesigned, often being replaced by faster growing fir trees such as conifers. The closed canopies of these trees block out almost all the light from reaching the forest floor leaving little or no ground flora. These trees haven't just had a detrimental effect on woodland plants, in turn animal life has also suffered. 


PM11: Inspiration

I was commissioned to design and create a wall installation for SAICAs new paper mill with the addition of four childrens workshops which saw the children creating artwork to be incorporated into the installation.

IMG_9392 (1).jpg

In the Window

Paper Installation

The Bluecoat Display Centre commissioned a spring themed window installation created from paper.


Painting Sculptures with Wild in Art

Tootsie was designed with the impact our lifestyles have on our planet in mind. I used the idea of a carbon footprint. Taking the words literally I designed a pattern based on the patterns found on toeprints.


Out of Palms Way

Out of Palms Way was especially created for the 2015 Paper Biennial at CODA and was shown on the their roof garden.

Out of Palms Way (A).jpg

Wilfred Owen Commemoration

I was commissioned by The Wilfred Owen Commemoration to work on a project designing a poppy that people of all ages could make. I also produced a demonstration video that went into primary schools and I ran workshops creating the poppies with the community leading up to the centenary.


Paper Tree

Commissioned for the entrance of Hamilton Court. Created using recycled paper from old books and magazines.


Invasive Ivy

English Ivy (Hedera Helix) is a species of native ivy which is a versitile plant, being able to cover significant ground and able to climb aswell. It grows well in the shade and is ideal for covering barren areas under trees, it crowds out weeds and helps stop ground erosion. its evergreen foliage makes it a great ornamental plant which provides rich nectar for insects and fruit for birds.
Bt it is considered an invasive weed in Australia and the United States. Due to human introduction as an ornamental plant it has widely spread, invading forests, salt marshes, woodland and fields. Growing at ground level as well as reaching up to the forest canopy, it supresses native vegetation engulfing everything and preventing light from reaching other plant life. 

The ivy is made from HDPE  plastic milk containers, something else that has been introduced into the environment by us and is detrimental to the whole planet!


Blood Cells

I installed an installation that I created in Toronto that was commissioned by Bio Rad. 

It's made up of thousands of printed blood cells. It measures 1.5 metres in diameter and had to be pieced together in situ. It's   now being permanently displayed in the Bio-Rad offices in Cressier, Switzerland.

IMG_2816a (2).jpg

Cardboard Pyramids

Commissioned work that was shown in a shop window in the Pyramids Shopping Centre.